The business domain is consulting on systems.We support a wide range of manufacturing, finance,
real estate businesses, operation, maintenance, infrastructure construction, covering various system development.

IFS Solution

We are a strategic business partner with IFS in Japan, China, and Thailand. In addition to the introduction and maintenance services in Japan, we also support overseas rollouts in cooperation with local subsidiaries.

System development

Based on many years of experience, project management and quality assurance system, the technical R & D team provides a quick and optimal solution for the entire cycle from IT strategy planning to design development and operation centered on the user. To date, we have developed manufacturing, education, mobile communications, real estate, banking, and e-commerce systems. We provide system solutions to various industries.


・Application Language  Java / .NET (C#, VB, C++) / HTML / XML / Delphi / PHP / PL SQL /Unix Shell / Cobol / Centura / IOS App development / Android App development etc.
・DB  Oracle / DB2 / SQL Server / PostgreSQL / MySQL etc.
・OS  Windows / Unix(AIX) / Linux(Red hat)

System Maintenance

Despite Normal Daily Maintenance work, Further Data Analysis is conducted to avoid possible risk and problem ITIL Foundation V3 certification Team is responsible for:
・ Error correction
・ Adaptability
・ Integrity and precautionary
To guarantee the system stability and to extend the life cycle.