Introduce IFS to Thai factory

Customer Overview

      One of the leading auto parts manufacturers in Japan. We have decided to set up a new factory in Thailand. It was decided to use the production management system globally,


  • What to do with an accounting and expense purchasing system that can be used locally?
  • Is there a company that can properly support the operation after the introduction?


      Utilizing our IFS in the area of accounting and expense purchasing, we proposed to import transactions from the production management system. The Thai members of our Thai office were able to support local users in Thai even after the introduction.

・How to proceed

Since it was a new establishment of an overseas factory, it was not possible to define requirements locally. These processes were examined in Japan, with the image of bringing business processes and systems into work packages and bringing them to Thailand. In the process of gradually completing the factory and hiring employees, we proceeded with the transfer of work.


Although the language barrier was high, the project was launched surprisingly smoothly by our Thai staff who can speak Japanese.

Unlike the existing in-house projects, where we have all the overseas factories, we will proceed in line with our customers. It was a big point whether there was a member of the local corporation that supports it.