IFS Solution

World recognized achievements

IFS has been introduced to 10,000 companies worldwide and has a track record of 1 million users.

Strongly matching industries

IFS Application deploys three major applications: Enterprize Asset Management (EAM), Enterprize Resource Planning (ERP), and Field Service Manager (FSM), and focuses on four core processes that are important to the business.

Therefore, it will be the best match for companies in the following 5 industries.

World’s best features

In the 2019 Worldwide SaaS and Cloud-Enabled Operational ERP Application by IDC, it received the highest rating in terms of functionality.

Modules that can be selected
according to the introduction phase

IFS Application allows each company to select a module according to the phase of the implementation project.

Example)・Introduce each module that keeping costs down
・Only manufacturing module was introduced at the production company or the factory
・First, the accounting module was suggested, and then the production management module was guided

Cloud and mobile support functions that promote DX (Digital Transformation)

If the AURENA module is installed on the cloud using the latest technology, it can be accessed from any device at any time and anywhere, and it can further contribute to improving the business speed of the company.

Introducing IFS Aurena

our new user experience in IFS Applications 10

In the field on a phone, in a factory on a tablet, or in the office on a desktop
IFS Aurena delivers functionality to improves productivity and helps your teams make better decisions, faster.



IFS industry solutions provide flexible yet focused capabilities tailored toward supporting businesses with their challenges.


IFS Applications is a complete solution that helps you connect to the future for your industry, business and people. With its component-based architecture, you decide which deep industry functionality your business and your people need to excel. Explore the possibilities.