Privacy Policy

Chengsi Japan Co., Ltd. recognizes the protection and appropriate management of personal information as a social responsibility, establishes a basic policy on the protection of personal information, and strives to protect and maintain personal information in a necessary and appropriate way.  

1. Compliance with laws and regulations

We will comply with laws and other norms concerning the protection of personal information (“Laws and Regulations”).

2. Collection, use and use of personal information

When collecting personal information, the Company clarifies the purpose of use and uses it by lawful and fair means, except in cases stipulated by laws and regulations. We will use and provide personal information within the scope of the purpose of use, except in cases stipulated by laws and regulations.

[Purpose of use]

We use personal information in connection with the execution of the following business

  1. Personal information about you
    • For information on events such as seminars and exhibitions
    • To provide information on products and services, advertisements, etc.
    • For proposal and sales of products and services
    • To introduce sales and service counters
    • For research and analysis for better product and service development
    • To provide maintenance and support
    • To contact customers, cooperate, negotiate, fulfill contracts, request fulfillment, etc.
  2. Personal information about the business partners
    • For contact with the customer
    • For cooperation with the business partners
    • For negotiations, contract performance, performance claims, etc. related to deals
  3. Personal information about everyone who participated in the event
    • To provide communication and event-related information
    • For information on related products or services, etc.
  4. Personal information about those who wish to join the company For recruitment selection
    • To provide information for job hunting, such as business contents, other company information, and application guidelines

3. Providing personal data to third parties

The Company will not disclose or provide personal data to third parties without the consent of the person in question, except in cases stipulated by laws and regulations.

4. Joint Use of Personal Data

We may use personal data jointly with third parties, provided that:

(1) Items of personal data to be shared
Name and work-related information (including work name, location, department name, job title, and contact information (including e-mail address). 

(2) Scope of joint use
All of The Chengsi Group and its affiliates

(3) Purpose of use of the person who uses it
Same as the purpose of use of 2 above. 

(4) Name or name of the person responsible for the management of said personal data
Chengsi Japan Co., Ltd.

5. Proper Management of Personal Data

The Company will manage personal data safely and accurately and strive to prevent and correct unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification, leakage, etc.

6. Consignment of handling of personal data

The Company will select an appropriate contractor and provide necessary and appropriate supervision of the subcontractor with regard to measures taken when entrusting all or part of the handling of personal data.

7. Formulation, implementation, maintenance, and improvement of compliance programs

The Company has established, implemented and maintained an internal compliance program for the protection of personal information. In addition, we will periodically review this and strive for continuous improvement.

8. Establishment of a personal information inquiry desk

The Company has established a contact point for inquiries regarding the handling of personal data held, and will respond appropriately and promptly to inquiries.
When requested to disclose personal data, notify the purpose of use, correct, delete, add, stop using or erase (“Disclosure, etc.”), we will respond within a reasonable range based on the prescribed procedures, except in cases stipulated by laws and regulations. 

December 1st,2020
Chengsi Japan Co., Ltd.
Kentaro Iwahori, President

Contact information for personal information inquiries

For inquiries about personal information (excluding personnel recruitment applications), please contact each business division of our company that provided personal information or the following.

Personal Information Management Group, Chengsi Japan Co., Ltd.